Lockdown Lessons with Jan Erika in Surrey

Jan Erika

Lockdown Lessons with Jan Erika in Surrey

What did you find most difficult about the first lockdown?

The unpredictability – not knowing the end date.

What did you find an unexpected blessing?

Realising you can get everything you need on your doorstep, and the love and friendship from my friends.

What did you work on?

I spent lockdown designing my new furniture collection with David Salmon and was extremely fortunate to be commissioned to create a site-specific work in Majorca during that tiny window of travel allowed to Spain. I then spent weeks painting the Canal Confetti mural at my new studio in Send, a Fauvist-inspired, monumental work referencing the history of the site through chimneys, brickwork, blacksmithing tools and a lock over a barge.

What kind of resolutions did you make during lockdown?

Happiness is key.  You need to take care of yourself to then be able to take care of everyone else.

Are you optimistic or fearful about the future?

Fully optimistic that we have all learnt so much from 2020, and l hope those values and appreciation of everything will stay.

What will be the best thing about eventual ‘normality’?

Meeting people – parties and travel!

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Jan Erika