Jemisha Maadhavji . . . Studio Visit

Jemisha Maadhavji's studio

Jemisha Maadhavji . . . Studio Visit

What does your studio look like today?

Sunny and glorious! The rays of warm sunlight are making my studio, paintings and the wet paint on my ceramic palette shimmer and sparkle! I am working on four pieces with a lot of detail and several layers to complete; one of them is life size and I can’t wait to see the final result.

What are you most excited by right now?

Paint, Surrealism and furniture!

What are the first steps you take when starting a new piece of work?

Drawing is key so I start off with a line drawing with a pencil crayon. I like to work on unstretched canvas, ready primed, which I nail to the wall so I can paint on a hard surface. I work from my own photographs and observe each image as much as possible. However, it is meeting the subject that helps me determine scale and colours.

What would we find in your studio that is unexpected?

A spider in its web. I don’t want to destroy its home and it’s also good company!

What do you do to make yourself feel better when things don’t go according to plan?

I sit down and observe the painting or I work on another piece. Sometimes listening to music or a podcast helps while working. If it comes to a point where it’s getting worse, I will leave it for a few hours and come back to it later and do some research in the meantime.

If you could own one piece of art by someone else, what would it be?

Shéhérazade by Rene Magritte.


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Jemisha Maadhavji's studio