Jan Erika . . . Studio Visit

Jan Erika

Jan Erika . . . Studio Visit

What’s making your heart beat faster right now?

I am about to sign a super exciting contract with a very well-known public figure – we’re about to start an incredible, creative journey together. I can’t say any more about that yet!

What is your must-have when working?

Music. I began playing the cello at the age of nine and before that I had played the piano for two years. From the moment l plucked my first string, the passion and belief of my teacher catapulted me quickly into the classical music world . . . I met the great Russian cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich when I was ten and had masterclasses with Steven Isserlis and Tasmin Little before I was thirteen. In fact I had a whole career in classical music before I turned to art.

What are the first steps you take when starting a new work?

It is all about conversations with the commissioner – not only their preference for shape, colour and subject, but also where it will be hung or (in the case of furniture pieces) used. The pleasure lies in creating pieces that give true satisfaction.

What do you dream of at night?

Absolutely nothing! I have two (almost) teenage sons and a home to run . . . I get up at 4.30am most days so that I can paint in peace (time that is even more precious since COVID enforced home schooling) . When I finally hit the sack, I want an empty mind!

If you could own one piece of art by someone else what would it be?

A Stradivarius cello – a piece of art to me.

What is your dream commission?

To paint a mural in a spectacular location, such as a stunning villa in Formentera.


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Jan Erika