Eclipse by Thomas Joynes

Eclipse by Thomas Joynes

Eclipse by Thomas Joynes

Cast bronze with mirror polish and black patina finish. Optional bespoke plinth of stone, granite or marble.

Edition of six.

Height 45cm x Width 27cm x Depth 12.5cm.

The form of ‘Eclipse’ is based on the Fibonacci sequence and is inspired by the mathematical proportions of the Nautilus shell. It also pays homage to Thomas’s love of the work of Jean Arp and Constantin Brâncuși. One surface is perfectly smooth with a mirror polish and the other has a dark and textured surface.


£6000 + VAT

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    About Thomas Joynes

    Thomas Joyne’s sculpture speaks of balance, poise, rhythm and flow, and translates as well to table-top pieces as to large, outdoors commissions.

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