Riccardo Monte

Mini Casetta by Riccardo Monte

Once we saw Riccardo’s Casetta collection, we knew we had found a rare talent. Made from tree trunks, carved by hand, each one is unique and characterful.

Nature and culture are the foundation of Riccardo’s work. He approaches furniture-making as a form of art, creating unique pieces inspired by the principles of beauty, simplicity, longevity and craftsmanship. He is directly involved in the making of his designs, using locally sourced materials and employing traditional techniques. Casetta is a collection of stools and sculptures that he makes from tree trunks, each one conceived with the simplest shape in mind. To make them stronger and more beautiful he finishes them by charring – the ancient art of preserving timber using fire. Casetta are functional pieces, but they have also formed the basis for his conceptual art, as with the ‘Fatherland’ installation in the medieval city centre of Novara.

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Panchetta Gultur by Riccardo Monte

Panchetta Galtur

Charred Larch Bench by Riccardo Monte

Charred Larch Bench

Alaska Side Table by Riccardo Monte

Alaska Side Table

Mini Casetta by Riccardo Monte

Mini Casetta

Riccardo Monte

Riccardo Monte is an architect and maker. He was born in Verbania, Northern Italy and grew up in a tiny Alpine village surrounded by beautiful lakes and snowy peaks. His grandfather was an architect and Riccardo too studied architecture first at Politecnico di Milano and later at London South Bank University. In London he worked for six years at dRMM architects, a renowned studio and winner of the prestigious Stirling Price. It was here Riccardo formed professionally as an architect and widened his experience in modern timber architecture.

In the winter of 2016, he spent six months in his mountain cabin in the Alps, 1500m above his village Ornavasso in Piedmont, with no electricity. Living remote and in solitude, brought him closer to nature and the values of a simple life. He realised that he could had everything he was looking for in life by staying close to his home roots, so he returned to the Alpine village where he was born.

Riccardo founded his multi-disciplinary studio, RMD, in 2017, with the vision of creating a practice where art, architecture and design come together in the shaping of one-of-a-kind projects. As well as Casetta, Riccardo makes fine art works in charcoal and other sculptural pieces.

Recent projects have been an installation for an art event in North Piedmont, part of the Sacro Monte of Varallo Sesia, UNESCO World Heritage site. During lockdown, he began working on a new body of work along the theme of Nests, tiny sculptures inspired by the vernacular architecture of his region.

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