Jan Erika

Fort Worth by Jan Erika

We love Jan Erika’s work, because she is like a modern Vanessa Bell – the Bloomsbury artist of Charleston Farmhouse fame – determinedly adding colour, pattern, wit and vibrancy to any surface she can find.

Her fine art is masterful, but in recent years, she has also begun to use furniture, rugs, walls, vessels and textiles as her canvas – creating works of art that are both fully functional and wholly original.

Her exuberant designs have attracted notable private clients as well as bespoke collaborations with luxury brands such as English Heritage, Deirdre Dyson, Juliska and Fortnum & Mason.

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Set of 6 hand-painted dining chairs

Fort Worth by Jan Erika

Fort Worth

Yellow Bell by Jan Erika

Yellow Bell

Jan Erika

Jan is a multi-media artist who began painting in earnest following a long and successful career as a professional cellist and teacher of music. She credits her passion for form, pattern and colour to an idyllic childhood in Lincolnshire on the east coast of England. Today, she and her family are based in a picturesque Surrey village where again she is surrounded by gardens and nature.

At the age of twenty-one, she suffered a near-death experience when she fell from a third-floor window and broke both her legs and every bone in her face, resulting in surgery to save her life that meant rebuilding most of her body and face. It was a long process – several major operations over two years – but it served to imbue her with gratitude for every day spent alive. This joy and hope explode from her paintings with a fierce optimism that is almost tangible.

In 2018, she decided to pursue her love of art rather than return to music. Of her work she says, “As with music, I hear rhythm when I am painting and I see rhythms in landscapes. I often begin with a flower or plant and then let that inner music take me to another place.”

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