Agenda Brown

Franck part of the Lego Warriors series by Agenda Brown of Visual Marvelry in collaboration with Bwoy Wonder

We love the way that Agenda Brown juxtaposes creative expression and authenticity with the context and environment of his subjects.

Photographer, artist and commentator, Agenda Brown, is the talented protagonist of Visual Marvelry, which he describes as not only a company name but as “a creative tool and philosophy that I utilise when I interact with clients and special projects.” He possesses a rare ability to capture his subjects in a discerning manner, evoking empathy and intrigue. His gift is in shining a light on the authenticity of the individual and the detail of their personality – a talent that has won him a Canon photography award for his portrait work.

The Lego Warriors

Exclusive edition for London Connoisseur

The Lego Warriors was ignited in 2015 after a chance conversation with award-winning artist Bwoy Wonder [maker of the Lego masks]. Brokering the lines of art and pop culture, the series explores themes of identity, duality and creativity. At its heart is a powerful narrative of what it is to be a modern citizen in London, with Agenda imagining his subjects as contemporary warriors whose alter egos are reflected in the masks they wear.

Since the launch the collection has been featured and exhibited in London Fashion Week, The Guardian, The Library [private members club], Acqua 7, It’s Nice That and Let’s Be Brief.

Bwoy Wonder is the 2014 winner of Creative Pioneers run in conjunction with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and endorsed by Metro newspaper, and creative agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi.

We are excited to have exclusive rights of The Lego Warriors in the extra-large 75cm x 100cm format – each is an edition of eight.

Agenda Brown

Agenda Brown is an award-winning portrait photographer, winner of the Canon Portrait Award. As a commercial creative, he has provided photographs for features in publications including the Times and the Economist’s magazine Intelligent Life, and was a regular contributor to the Metro for several years. The Guardian, Amateur Photographer, Time Inc and Hotel Culture have all run profiles on Agenda, as one of the UK’s most respected portrait photographers. He has also shot and conceived campaigns for theatre company Sparkle & Dark, taste branding agency Miller Libertine, innovation designer Driven by Charles, jeweller Alice Cicolini, architect Gurmeet Syan, denim activists Blackhorse Lane and chef Pedro Pasinhass.

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