Angela Conner FRBS . . . Studio Visit

Angela Conner's studio

Angela Conner FRBS . . . Studio Visit

What does your studio look like today?

It’s in good shape with many maquettes where ideas are being worked out and also larger exhibition pieces.  Because most of my works are kinetic, generally visitors – both professional and amateur – are intrigued by which forces make them move and want to investigate.

What are you most excited by right now?

Planning pieces for a future exhibition.  I love the buzz of producing new work and looking at new horizons.

What is your must-have when working?

I need total silence and no interruptions.

What are the first steps you take when starting a new piece of work?

Initially, I will always have an idea of what kind of sculpture I want to create – indoor, outdoor, large, small etc. I start by looking over pages of sketches that I have done. As the process of sketching can be quick and instinctive, you often don’t see what you have until you take a step back.

What might people not know about your work?

That I am one of the few sculptors to produce pieces that move by natural forces (eg wind, water or sun) and that I created the tallest, wind-driven sculpture in the world, which is situated in Dublin.

What is your dream commission?

To be commissioned for another large outdoor piece responding to natural forces. That is my passion.

What is the best thing someone has ever said about your work?

That I was doing something unique!


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Angela Conner's studio

Photograph by Alun Callender