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We work with talented artists and artisans to create signature pieces for private residences, yachts, flagship stores and international hospitality settings. The works on our Gallery are exclusive to us and come direct from the artists’ studios to you.

Detail of Le Chat screen by Joy de Rohan Chabot

New artist announcement

Deke part of the Lego Warriors series by Agenda Brown of Visual Marvelry in collaboration with Bwoy Wonder

New to London Connoisseur – Agenda Brown

We are excited to welcome photographer, artist and commentator, Agenda Brown, to our London Connoisseur family. Agenda possesses a rare ability to capture his subjects in a discerning manner, evoking empathy and intrigue. His gift in in shining a light on the authenticity of the individual and the detail of their personality – a talent that has won him the Canon Portrait Award.