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London Connoisseur specialises in the rare, the skilled and the spectacular . . .

We work with talented artists and artisans to create signature pieces for private residences, yachts, flagship stores and international hospitality settings. The works on our Gallery are exclusive to us and come direct from the artists’ studios to you.

Spring Restaurant installation by Valéria Nascimento

Online Exhibition

Visit ‘Four Rooms, our new online exhibition, curated jointly by London Connoisseur and Art Design Human Studio (ADH). It is open until 12th December on a dedicated website:

Lockdown Lessons

In a new series of blogs, we ask our artists what they learned from Lockdown and what was the result creatively . . . this week Jan Erika shares her lockdown experience in Surrey.

“Happiness is key. You need to take care of yourself to then be able to take care of everyone else.”

Jan Erika’s lockdown Q&As

Yellow Bell by Jan Erika

This Week’s Pick From Our Gallery