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London Connoisseur specialises in the rare, the skilled and the spectacular . . .

We work with talented artists and artisans to create signature pieces for private residences, yachts, flagship stores and international hospitality settings. The works on our Gallery are exclusive to us and come direct from the artists’ studios to you.

Detail of Le Chat screen by Joy de Rohan Chabot

If I were… with Grant Pierrus

In our ongoing series, we invite leading designers and influencers within the interiors world to play the game of ‘If I Were’. This week, Founder of Pierrus Agency, the Virtual Design Fair and Interior Style Hunter, Grant Pierrus, accepts the challenge . . .

Read his answers here

Grant Pierrus
Spring Water by Jessica Zoob

Reflections with..

To begin 2021, we are asking our artists to reflect upon the last year and their hopes and plans for the future. We start with Jessica Zoob in Hong Kong.

Reflections with Jessica Zoob

This Week’s Pick From Our Gallery