London Connoisseur represents carefully selected artists and makers who create work for the super-prime sector. We recognise that architects, developers and interior design professionals working in the super-prime market face a constant challenge in terms of finding something unique. We specialise in the rare, the skilled and the spectacular. We are also happy to liaise directly with private clients.

All the objects and artworks in our Gallery are exclusive to us. Our advisory service extends to anyone who recognises both the value and the satisfaction in working with the most talented artists to create truly bespoke, signature pieces for private residences, yachts, flagship stores, luxurious hospitality projects or branded events.

Artist of the week

Riccardo Monte

Once we saw Riccardo’s Casetta collection, we knew we had found a rare talent. Made from tree trunks, carved by hand, each one is unique and characterful.


Exclusive to London Connoisseur