Championing Contemporary artisanship

London Connoisseur represents carefully selected designers, artists and craftspeople who create work for the super-prime sector. It acts as a bridge between those makers and private clients, interior design professionals, architects, property developers and global brands.

Our service extends to anyone who recognises both the value and satisfaction in working with talented artists and artisans to create truly bespoke and luxurious signature pieces, whether for private residences, superyachts, flagship stores, boutique hotels or branded events.

London Connoisseur was founded by Helen Chislett, who has spent over 25 years writing about luxury design and decoration for international publications, including the Financial Times’ award- winning magazine ‘How To Spend It’.

Having built up strong relationships with artists and makers over many years, whose work she has passionately championed within her features, she set out to create a service that connects superb artisanship with those continually seeking extraordinary and exceptional pieces.

You may wonder why we choose not to show finished projects on this site, but instead focus on materiality. The reason is simple. Every commission we undertake is unique and therefore private to the client.

A collaboration between patron and maker results in something both spectacular and absolutely individual. We believe that what the client brings to the conversation is integral to the impact and success of a fully bespoke project.

Our textural palette is rich and varied, from stained-glass and marquetry to leather, copper, bronze and gold. even the humblest of materials, such as woven willow, undergoes an alchemic transformation in the hands of the artist.

London Connoisseur is able to advise on statement furniture, lighting installations, architectural sculptures, hand-crafted surfaces, extraordinary textiles, collectable contemporary objets and all manner of designs that bring star quality to a room.


Connoisseurship demands time, effort and a passion for the subject. You can learn to become an expert in your chosen field, but to become a connoisseur is a far more intuitive and heart-led process.


You can’t buy connoisseurship. it is acquired largely through other people: talking to them, watching them, listening to what they say. The better your relationships, the more likely you are to acquire something marvellous before anyone else does.


A connoisseur recognises that it is people who count - not product. Connoisseurship is not about labels, but about the human story behind them.


The gulf between expertise and connoisseurship is that sometimes there is a quiet beauty not immediately obvious to anyone else that give aeons of pleasure to those truly in the know.


The chances are a connoisseur will make money on what they acquire, but true dedication to the subject is always driven by love and passion rather than profit.


Time is such a precious commodity, but the pleasure of connoisseurship is as much in the journey as the result. in the case of superb craftsmanship, it is about meeting the artists, visiting the workshop, and enjoying a dialogue where your input is as valid as that of everyone else.

Every project is bespoke, and so are all our relationships.

If you are interested in working with London Connoisseur, the first thing to do is email us so we can set up an initial meeting to talk through your own project.